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Kevin Jennings Takes on Critics

Kevin Jennings Takes on Critics

Kevin Jennings has fighting words for antigay critics whose smear campaign against the now-former assistant deputy secretary at the Department of Education even included the website StopJennings.com.

In an interview published Friday with Media Matters’ Jeremy Schulman, Jennings, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network founder who left his position last week as head of the department’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools to head a nonprofit group, said his detractors "completely and totally failed” to block his antibullying initiatives and force his resignation.

"I'd come here to do something very important, and that was to galvanize the national campaign against bullying. And I wasn't going to be derailed from that work by a bunch of bullies and liars, which is what I was dealing with,” Jennings said. “I thought it'd be ironic if I came here to fight bullying and I let the bullies win.”

Read the interview here.

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