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Can Taylor Swift bring the gays to the yard line?

The world's most famous woman and proud LGBTQ+ ally has brought a dose of estrogen to an institution dripping in toxic masculinity.

16 Gay NFL Cheerleaders We Are Happy To Cheer On

These out-and-proud cheerleaders are bringing some much-needed LGBTQ+ representation on the field!

Former NFL Star and Bi Icon RK Russell Finds His Groove

Football season is upon us, and Russell's new book talks about coming to terms with his sexuality as a Black bi athlete in the NFL.

Patriots NFL Team Takes on Anti-LGBTQ+ Trolls Over Pride Display

The team stood up to haters after tweeting a picture of an illuminated Pride flag at its stadium.

Trey McBride Is Now First NFL Player With Same-Sex Parents

"They've done a great job of pushing me to be the best version of myself," McBride, drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, said of his two moms.

Raiders Releasing Groundbreaking Gay Football Player Carl Nassib

The release appears to have nothing to do with his identity and everything to do with his salary.

Why a Nonsporty Lesbian Will Be Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Reclaiming the ritual of gathering to watch the game provides an escape from our usual worries and a chance to release our emotions.

Carl Nassib's Cleats Will Benefit the Trevor Project

Nassib helped design cleats promoting the group for the My Cause My Cleats campaign.

Super Bowl Logo Designer Comes Out as Trans Woman

"I stand here rebranded as my authentic self," Maureen Raisch said in her coming-out video.

Retired Gay NFLer: Raiders Coach Should've Addressed Offensive Emails

Jon Gruden had an opportunity to show if his views had changed since he sent the anti-LGBTQ+, racist, and misogynist emails, but he didn't take it, Ryan O'Callaghan says.


NFL Coach Jon Gruden Resigns After Anti-LGBTQ+ Emails Surface

The Raiders happen to be the team of Carl Nassib, the first active NFL player to come out as gay. 

Carl Nassib’s Jersey Is a Top-Seller Since He Came Out

The NFL's first-ever out active player has become the MVP of merch.


Carl Nassib's Coming-Out Is a Gay NFL Fan's Wish Come True

LGBTQ+ fans no longer have to create might-have-been scenarios around players such as Michael Sam.

Microsoft Ad Honors Katie Sowers—1st Woman, LGBTQ Coach in Super Bowl

A Microsoft ad praises the 49ers assistant coach for being a groundbreaking woman but notably leaves out her lesbian identity.

Katie Sowers Will Be First Woman, First LGBTQ Coach in Super Bowl

The offensive assistant with the San Francisco 49ers is making history.

NFL Player Matt Gay, Harassed for Name, Will Wear Antibullying Cleats

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers player will show LGBTQ solidarity at an upcoming game.

Ryan Russell Hopes to Rejoin NFL as an Out Bisexual Man

Russell, who hasn't played in the league since 2017, came out as bi today, and he says being out and being in the NFL shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Sarah Sanders Offers Trump's Praise for Cakeshop Ruling

Asked about the baker's freedom versus that of athletes who protest, the White House aide said the issues are different.

Trump: NFL Players Who Won't Stand Should Leave Country

The president is seemingly more attached to this issue than peace with North Korea.

Closeted Football Player: 'I’m Not Ashamed, Just Scared'

A new documentary, Alone in the Game, interviews the Division I player, who remains anonymous.