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Nick Denton and Hulk Hogan

Gawker Founder Nick Denton Settles Lawsuit With Hulk Hogan

The saga is almost over.

Good Riddance to Gawker?

In the end, the site was brought down by a billionaire. But it had other detractors.

Goodbye, Gawker and Nick Denton

The controversial gossip site will stop publishing new material next week under orders from its new owners, and Nick Denton is being shown the door.

Nick Denton Era of Gawker Over After Univision Buys Company

The embattled media company was reportedly purchased for $135 million.

Peter Thiel: In Defense of Privacy

The out entrepreneur wrote an op-ed in The New York Times to support a bill dubbed the Gawker Act, to prevent a repeat of what happened to him: "Gawker violated my privacy and cashed in on it."

Nick Denton Files for Bankruptcy, Puts Gawker Up for Sale

The out publisher of Gawker is still appealing the decision that he must pay wrestler Hulk Hogan $140 million, but in the meantime is seeking protection from the courts. 

Nick Denton Revealed His Standard for 'Outing' People

The Gawker Media founder has his own philosophy on when it's appropriate to report on a person's sexual orientation.

Gawker Media Files for Bankruptcy

Gawker Media's blogs will maintain their daily operations as the company transitions into a new era of ownership.

Will PayPal Whiz Funding Hulk Hogan'sLawsuit Debate Gawker Founder?

Now that the gay entrepreneur once outed by Gawker has confirmed he funded Hogan's lawsuits against out media kingpin Nick Denton, the wily publisher wants "an open and public debate."

Who's the Gay Exec Funding Hulk Hogan's Gawker Suit?

An out Silicon Valley billionare is funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker.


Hulk Hogan Sues Gawker Again

The former wrestler is back in the ring and looking to cause Nick Denton a lot more financial pain. 

Gawker Asks Judge to Toss $140M Awarded to Hulk Hogan

Lawyers for out media mogul Nick Denton are citing the First Amendment in what is seen by legal experts as the first step in a lengthy appeal of the blockbuster verdict.