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Nick Denton and Hulk Hogan

The saga is almost over.

November 02 2016 4:44 PM

In the end, the site was brought down by a billionaire. But it had other detractors.

September 13 2016 4:01 PM

The controversial gossip site will stop publishing new material next week under orders from its new owners, and Nick Denton is being shown the door.

August 18 2016 3:14 PM

The embattled media company was reportedly purchased for $135 million.

August 17 2016 1:55 PM

The out entrepreneur wrote an op-ed in The New York Times to support a bill dubbed the Gawker Act, to prevent a repeat of what happened to him: "Gawker violated my privacy and cashed in on it."

August 15 2016 7:34 PM

The out publisher of Gawker is still appealing the decision that he must pay wrestler Hulk Hogan $140 million, but in the meantime is seeking protection from the courts. 

August 01 2016 6:55 PM

The Gawker Media founder has his own philosophy on when it's appropriate to report on a person's sexual orientation.

June 23 2016 9:00 PM