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Dozens Arrested for Attending Gay Wedding in Nigeria

Homosexuality is illegal in the West African nation.

Gay Men in Nigeria Targeted in Dating App Extortion Scheme

The blackmailers pose as potential dates to entrap their victims.

19 Arrested at Same-Sex Wedding in Nigeria

Marriage equality and same-sex sexual relations are illegal in the country.

The Legend of the Underground Examines Nigerian Youth and Gender

In the HBO doc, these young people use their own creativity and expression to live authentically against Nigeria's rigid gender norms. 

Judge Throws Out Charges Against Gay Nigerian Men Attending a Party

The case was thrown out because of "lack of diligent prosecution," but the men could be re-arrested if more evidence emerges.

Author Akwaeke Emezi Gives Readers a New, Queer Look at Death

"I like to talk about death a lot," says the author of The Death of Vivek Oji. 

Gay Nigerians Are Struggling to Live

In a country where being gay can land you in jail, activists discuss their experiences.

Challenging Masculinity and Femininity in Nigeria

A new magazine helps Nigerians see gender diversity through fashion and entertainment. 

Nigerian Court Puts Dozens on Trial Over Alleged Gay Wedding

A lawyer defending the accused men said they were gathering to celebrate a birthday party, not an illegal same-sex wedding ceremony.

53 Men Arrested in Nigeria for Attending 'Gay Wedding'

The men are charged with conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and belonging to an unlawful society.

One of Africa's Scariest Homophobes Just Lost Reelection

Nigeria has a new president from a new party. There are mixed signals, though, about what that will mean for LGBT Nigerians.


New Jersey Rep Gets Blowback on Antigay Statements

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. didn't care for fellow N.J. congressman Chris Smith saying gay rights are not human rights.


Was the U.S.-Africa Summit a Bust for LGBT Equality?

After failing to win a seat at the table inside the summit, HRC and Human Rights First are sizing up the potential impact on the lives of LGBTs from the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

Gay Activist Confronts Nigeria's President on Homophobic Law

President Goodluck Jonathan reportedly told activist Michael Ighodaro that opponents of the law could challenge it in court.

WATCH: Asylum-Seeker Flees Antigay Persecution in Nigeria

Apata Aderonke Adejumoke, who has been in the U.K. for 10 years, faces prison or death if deported to Nigeria.

Nigerians Punished With Public Whipping for Gay Sex

Four men from Nigeria were forced to admit to having gay sex, which led to them being arrested and then publicly whipped as punishment.

Whoopi Condemns Anti-LGBT Laws in Africa

In a video for the Human Rights Campaign, Whoopi Goldberg condemned Uganda's and Nigeria's laws that allow LGBT people to be rounded up and criminally punished.

Nigerian Homes Raided to 'Cleanse' Neighborhood of Gays

Fourteen young men were dragged out of bed and beaten in the middle of the night for being allegedly gay.