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WATCH: Asylum-Seeker Flees Antigay Persecution in Nigeria

WATCH: Asylum-Seeker Flees Antigay Persecution in Nigeria

A Nigerian lesbian who faces a prison term or death sentence if the U.K. sends her back to her home country has posted a video plea for asylum.

Apata Aderonke Adejumoke, 46, came to the U.K. 10 years ago to seek asylum, and now she is under threat of deportation, she says. At the time she had been sentenced to death by stoning by an Islamic court, she says in the video. Even if that sentence is never carried out, she faces up to 14 years in prison under the secular antigay law enacted by the Nigerian government this year. Her former girlfriend was murdered by vigilantes in that nation in 2012, she says.

The Movement for Justice has initiated an online petition in support of her plea to remain in the U.K. Find out more and sign the petition here, and watch her video below.

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