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Gay Dad Horror 'Knock at the Cabin' Knocks 'Avatar' From Box Office Perch

Young men flocked to the story of a queer-led family confronting the apocalypse.

Insurers Refused to Pay Thousands to Transgender Doctor

The insurance companies have now agreed to pay Dr. Tiffany Najberg what they owe her, but the funds haven't come in yet, she said.

Remembering LGBTQ+ Rights Pioneer Charles Silverstein

Silverstein, who died Monday, helped end the definition of homosexuality as a mental illness and wrote extensively about gay life.

George Santos Accused of Sexual Harassment by Prospective Aide

The man said Santos asked him if he had a Grindr profile and touched his groin.

Armie Hammer Breaks Silence After Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Call Me by Your Name star said he’d been sexually abused as a child and called out what he called “cancel-culture, woke-mob business.”

DeSantis Calls Session to Punish Disney's 'Don't Say Gay' Opposition

The Republican governor who believes in less government regulation of private business is attacking a private business.

Two Men Charged With Hate Crimes in 2019 Killing of Trans Woman

Pebbles LaDime Doe was shot to death because of her trans identity, a federal indictment alleges.

George Santos Reportedly Hires Lawyer Convicted of Brazilian Gang Killing

The lawyer was hired to represent Rep. Santos in a criminal case in Brazil, according to Brazilian media.

Amy Ray’s New 'Subway' Video Is Nostalgic for Young Queer Love, NYC

The Indigo Girls' Amy Ray gets nostalgic for young lesbian love and playing music in New York City in the ’80s in her new song “Subway” while paying homage to famed DJ Rita Houston. And The Advocate has the exclusive video premiere.

David Cicilline to Gaetz: Should Insurrectionists Lead the Pledge of Allegiance?

Congressman Matt Gaetz wants "inspirational constituents" to lead the pledge at House meetings. Out Rep. Cicilline wondered if those who try to overthrow the government should be allowed the opportunity.

Questions Every Gay, Bi Man Should Ask at Their Physical

For many queer men, a visit to the doctor can be embarrassing and scary. Here’s how to put the fear aside.

Minnesota Lawmaker Zack Stephenson on Coming Out as Bisexual

"Perhaps by coming out, I can make it different for someone else," Stephenson writes.

Trump Vows to Gut Transgender Rights if Reelected

Trump even said that he'd ask Congress to pass a bill establishing that there are only two genders.

Flipping the Script on Stories of Black Trans Women

Media reports of Black trans women are often filled with tragedy. This arts collective tells a different tale.

BREAKING: George Santos to Step Down From House Committees

The New York congressman, famous for his fibs, reportedly told his colleagues that he'd temporarily step aside because he was becoming a distraction.


Mpox Is Almost Gone in the US, Leaving Lessons & Mysteries Behind

More than 300,000 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with the virus, including 23 who died.

N.D. Bill Targets Nonexistent Trend of Students Identifying as Animals

Six Republican representatives have introduced the bill as an "emergency measure."

Ukrainian Ambassador Speaks Out for LGBTQ+ Rights

Oksana Markarova offered support for LGBTQ+ Ukrainians during an appearance in Washington, D.C.

DOJ Moves on Gay U.S. Rep. George Santos, Asks FEC to Step Aside

The request indicates that federal prosecutors are investigating whether Santos committed any crimes.