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Northern Ireland

Ireland Seeks to Ban Conversion Therapy

Irish Equality Minister Roderic O'Gorman is committed to having the practice banned by 2024.

Lesbians Make History With Northern Ireland's First Same-Sex Marriage

Sharni Edwards and Robyn Peoples tied the knot after a five-year engagement. 

Lesbian Couple Grateful to Be 1st to Legally Wed in Northern Ireland

The women were planning a civil union ceremony if marriage had not passed. 

Marriage Equality Finally Legal in Northern Ireland

The U.K. Parliament stepped in last year and took steps to legalize same-sex unions and abortion.

Marriage Equality on Its Way to Northern Ireland

Same-sex couples are likely to be able to begin marrying by Valentine's Day.

Gay Journalist Lyra McKee Killed in 'Terrorist Incident'

McKee died covering riots in Northern Ireland after a gunman shot her while firing on police.

Gay and Bi Men in Northern Ireland Can Receive Pardons

Those convicted under now-defunct antisodomy laws can apply for pardons and have their criminal records cleared.

Irish Bakery Owner Appeals Discrimination Case

A Northern Ireland bakery found to have discriminated for refusing to make a "gay cake" has its appeal heard by the U.K. Supreme Court.


Northern Ireland High Court Upholds Marriage Ban

A justice says it's not up to him to change the law, but to legislators.

Belfast Gay Man Has Suffered Three Years of Homophobic Attacks

The man has reported the attacks to police, but no arrests have been made.

LGBT Activists Demand Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland

LGBT activists — fighting for marriage equality in the one region of the U.K. without it — gathered at Belfast City Hall to announce plans for a mass demonstration through the city on July 1.

Game of Thrones Star Considers Political Career to Expand LGBT Rights in Northern Ireland

"I definitely would be prepared to make the change myself if it's going to help my community and help other people," out actor Kristian Nairn told The Belfast Telegraph.

Northern Ireland Begins Battle Over Ban on Marriage Equality

North Irish Official Endorses Praying the Gay Away

A municipal official says gays can be 'cured' by religion.

Patrick Stewart Clarifies Support of Antigay Irish Bakery

The actor and LGBT ally posted a detailed defense of his support for a Northern Ireland bakery that refused to make a cake celebrating marriage equality.

Antigay Bakery Has Captain Picard in its Corner

A sweet endorsement for a bakery in Northern Ireland, which lost its latest court battle over its refusal to make a cake with a marriage equality message.

Antigay Belfast Bakery Vows Fight to Discriminate

After "much careful prayer and consideration," a family that owns a chain of bakeries decides to fight for the "right" to discriminate against gays.

WATCH: Regretting Antigay Rant, Northern Ireland Pol Resigns

Jim Wells will leave office to take care of his ill wife, Grace, May 11. He says he has already apologized for comments claiming kids raised by same-sex parents were more likely to be abused.

Belfast Bakery Won't Apologize for Denying Gay Bert and Ernie Cake

A Christian-owned bakery in Northern Ireland that refused to bake a cake adorned with the Sesame Street pals and the words 'support gay marriage' has been ordered to make things right.