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Trump Administration Kills Trans Protections in Affordable Care Act

The Obama administration had added language to his signature 2010 legislation to define and include gender identity.

When No One Was Watching, Trump Diluted Obamacare

Thanks to the president, individuals insured under the Affordable Care Act could experience less generous coverage and higher rates.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul Opposes Latest Obamacare Repeal Effort

Paul says the Graham-Cassidy health care bill isn't a real repeal of Obamacare.

GMHC: Trump's Halt of Obamacare Ads Is 'Direct Attack' on HIV Community

The last day to enroll in a health plan under the Affordable Care Act is January 31.

What Will Repealing ObamaCare Mean for HIV-Positive Americans?

"Any kind of interruption in care is going to result in more cases of HIV," predicts John Peller of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

Ken Paxton Sues to Let Doctors Turn Away Trans People

The Texas attorney general's latest anti-Obama lawsuit claims that trans-affirming health care violates the religious freedom of doctors.


Aetna to Drop Obamacare Coverage in All But Four States

The health insurance provider for millions of Americans is making a change for 2017 that could force many LGBT people to shop for a new carrier.

Feds Want Your #HealthySelfies From the Gym…

LGBT People Need to Take Advantage of Obamacare

Sylvia Burwell, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and HRC president Chad Griffin urge LGBT people to get insured and stay alive.

Double Victory for Obama at Supreme Court

Although the justices have yet to announce their ruling on marriage equality, these two decisions are a major win for the Obama administration.

Federal Court: Obamacare Protects Trans Health Care Patients

For the first time, a federal court clarified that the Affordable Care Act prohibits discriminating against patients' gender identities.

What LGBT Policy Challenges Are on Deck for 2015?

President Obama gave his annual overview of items Washington should be dealing with this year, but what are the big issues for LGBT Americans?

Ill. Trans Woman Alleges Medical Discrimination, Files Lawsuit

A transgender woman alleges that an Illinois doctor wouldn't treat her after learning about her desire to pursue hormone replacement therapy.