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Texas Judge’s Ruling That Threatens PrEP Access Paused by Appeals Court

The court issued a stay that will last for the duration of the government’s appeal in the case.


Gay & Bisexual Men Now Eligible to Donate Blood Under New FDA Policies

The agency has moved toward risk-based assessments as opposed to discriminatory bans based on gender or sexual orientation.

Feds Seek Input on National PrEP Coverage

Government regulators are seeking public comment for its new national coverage analysis for PrEP.

Breaking: Texas Judge Rules PrEP Coverage Violates Religious Freedom

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor ruled Wednesday that requiring insurance companies to cover medications to prevent HIV transmission violates plaintiffs' rights on religious grounds.


Texas PrEP Case Name Changed Because of Negative Press

Jonathan Mitchell, the Texas attorney challenging PrEP access, said the named plaintiff is being threatened and bullied.

Conservative Texas Lawyer Targets PrEP Access After Abortion Rights

PrEP drugs "encourage and facilitate homosexual behavior," says Texas abortion law author Jonathan Mitchell in a federal lawsuit targeting the antiviral medications.

Colorado Bans Gay and Trans 'Panic' Defenses, Eases Access to PrEP

Gov. Jared Polis signed the bills into law Monday, along with one making it easier for minors to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Non-Daily PrEP Strategy is Finally Being Taken Seriously

Officials encourage a new non-daily PrEP strategy for those at lower risk for contracting HIV.

U.K. to Make PrEP Available to Every English Person

The British government aims to end HIV transmissions in the country by 2030.

HIV Infections Plummet 71% Among U.K. Gay & Bi Men Due to PrEP

The HIV-prevention method has been credited with a remarkable drop in transmissions.

PrEP4All Claims Gilead Held Back Safer HIV Drug

The activist group wants the federal government to reject a patent extension for Gilead's tenofovir alafenamide, a component of several HIV meds.

PrEP to Be Available for Free Even If You're Uninsured

The federal government today announced the procedure for applying for free HIV prevention drugs.

U.S. Gov't Sues Gilead for Patent Infringement Over PrEP Medication

The maker of Truvada and Descovy has not ever paid licensing frees for PrEP, a patented process discovered by scientists at the CDC.

Elizabeth Warren's LGBTQ Platform on Blood Ban, PrEP, and More

If elected president, she says she'd lift the blood ban, let the government produce PrEP drugs, and fight anti-trans violence, among many other promises.

California Makes PrEP and PEP Available Without Prescription

The state is the first in the nation to expand access this way, something advocates say is key for rural and minority populations.