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Queen Latifah

Since she hit the rap scene a few decades ago, people have always asked: is Queen Latifah gay and out? Just gay? Straight but with a very quiet private life? Latifah--the singer who brought us "Ladies First," "Unity," and more--has been seen in public with women on a multitude of occasions, though when asked about her sexuality, she simply demurs. One thing's for sure: Latifah, who has also starred in Chicago and 22 Jump Street, plays her cards close to the chest.

Latifah Believes Smollett Until There's 'Definitive Proof' He Lied

Smollett staging an attack on himself doesn't sound like the guy she knows, Latifah says. 

Queen Latifah Pays Tribute to Craig Zadan at Hollywood Bowl

The entertainer honored the late producer, who was a longtime creative collaborator, with a song from Hairspray.

Queen Latifah Tells Us About Her New Talk Show

Queen Latifah on Oprah, Jada, her journey from hip-hop star to Hollywood, and why the second time around (as a talk show host) is the charm. Just don't expect her to talk about her personal life.