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Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz's Tour of Religious Right Led to Trump Attack

Donald Trump is accusing Ted Cruz's father of associating with JFK's killer.

Ted and Rafael Cruz: Like Frightening Father, Like Scary Son

Extremist antigay preacher Rafael Cruz groomed his son for the presidency since the age of 9 — and now Ted Cruz is ready to put his father's hateful views into practice.

Rafael Cruz Thinks His Son Ted Can Save 'Traditional Marriage'

That's why the nation needs his son to be making Supreme Court appointments, says Rafael Cruz.

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Homophobic Dad 'of Deep Integrity'

The Texas tea party Republican told Jay Leno his dad's antigay rhetoric is a factor of his faith, and the pastor's 'deep integrity.'

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Dad Says Predatory Gays Hijacked the Word

There are still more antigay Rafael Cruz rants coming to the public's attention.