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LISTEN: Liberal Justices Will Destroy 'Traditional Marriage,' Says Ted Cruz's Father

Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz

That's why the nation needs his son to be making Supreme Court appointments, says Rafael Cruz.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz's father, self-styled minister Rafael Cruz, has delivered yet another antigay rant, saying that the appointment of another liberal justice to the U.S. Supreme Court will bring about "the destruction of traditional marriage."

And that's not all, the elder Cruz told host Stephen K. Bannon today on Breitbart News Daily, a right-wing radio program. "One more justice like that," Cruz said, meaning the court's four more liberal members, "and we will lose our right to keep and bear arms. We will lose all of our religious freedom. We will see abortion on demand to the day of delivery. We will see the destruction of traditional marriage, and the family is the foundation of society -- if the family is destroyed, society will be destroyed."

But as Right Wing Watchpoints out:

"Of course, the Supreme Court ruled last year in favor of marriage equality -- which conservatives deride as 'the destruction of traditional marriage' -- and society has somehow managed to survive."

And Rafael Cruz, by the way, has been divorced twice.

Cruz, a born-again Christian who calls himself a pastor but is apparently not affiliated with any church, often appears at his son's campaign events. He has made the argument several times that with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, it's more important than ever to elect a conservative president -- like his son -- who will appoint conservative justices.

Ted Cruz's biggest rival for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, can't be trusted to govern with a conservative philosophy, Rafael Cruz added. "Trump is the biggest enigma we have," he told Bannon. "We don't know where he would be on any issue." While Trump has called Ted Cruz a liar, Trump is actually "the one that lies constantly," the elder Cruz said.

Rafael Cruz has previously characterized gay people as sexual predators and said they want to legalize pedophilia. He has recently appeared at such anti-LGBT events as the World Congress of Families meeting in Utah and "kill the gays" Pastor Kevin Swanson's "religious freedom" conference in Iowa, both held last fall. Ted Cruz and two other presidential hopefuls who have since dropped out of the race, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee, also appeared at Swanson's event. A spokesman for Ted Cruz's campaign eventually said it was a mistake for the candidate to be there.

Listen to a clip of his interview with Bannon below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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