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Ricky Martin

Artists will join throngs protesting in streets after the reveal of homophobic communications between the governor and his administration.

July 17 2019 8:06 AM

The couple began the year with a wedding and ended it with a baby girl.

December 31 2018 8:30 PM

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is honoring the big names at the upcoming Gala Vanguard Awards.

August 14 2018 7:37 PM

Ricky was cagey about liking guys back in the '90s; now he’s giving mixed messages about his feelings for women. Seems like being bisexual is now the big taboo, writes Mike Szymanski.

January 25 2016 6:24 AM

'I’m against sexual labels, we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs,' says the singer-actor in a new interview.

January 19 2016 9:19 PM