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17 Tips for Being a Better Top

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5. If you use condoms, be patient and understanding when he needs a break.

I must be honest here: I rarely use condoms.

But unlike many bareback-only pigs who scoff at rubbers and refuse sex with guys who prefer them, I will play with someone who chooses this precaution — a long as two conditions are met: The condoms must be nonlatex polyisoprene (not lambskin, which does not prevent sexually transmitted infections) and we must use silicone lube.

These conditions exist for two reasons. One, I have a latex allergy, so nonlatex condoms are a must. Two, silicone lube is the slickest, most long-lasting lube you can buy, and will not dry up like water-based and hybrid lubes will. If you are interested in the wide range of different lubes you can use for sex, check out my 30 liquid assets every gay man should try.

I choose to only use silicone lube because condoms, regardless what they are made of, inevitably cause friction in the butt and will begin to wear. Silicone helps me go longer with a condom.

Let’s face a blunt fact: Sex with condoms is less comfortable than sex bare. For me as well as for many bottoms, it is harder to get fucked as long or as hard with a condom as without one. This being said, diligent condom use is unquestionably a safer sex practice. PrEP only prevents HIV transmission, and rates of other STIs are skyrocketing among gay men. If anyone shames you for using condoms, they’re an idiot. One’s sex practices are a personal decision, and no one should pressure you to do something you do not want to do.

But when the condom starts to wear and your bottom needs a break — either to replenish lube or change the condom — do not get frustrated.


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