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State of the Union

Keeping track of how presidents of the United States have mentioned issues affecting LGBT people in the annual State of the Union address.

Biden's SOTU Comments on Trans Youth: Meaningful or Meaningless?

Social media was split on the comments the president made. 

Our State of the Union: We Refuse to Sink to His Level

Americans should resist Trump's divisive proclamations -- without turning into him.

Kim Davis: Obama Has 'Mashed Down' Christians

The defiant Kentucky clerk also maintained that her opposition to same-sex marriage 'was never a gay or lesbian issue.' 

Jim Obergefell: John Was There With Me Last Night

From his vantage point one row behind First Lady Michelle Obama, the man whose lawsuit changed marriage in America offers his view of 'the speech.'

WATCH: Kim Davis's 4-Word Review of State of the Union

Antigay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis said she attended the president's final State of the Union address to 'be an encouragement to all Christians.'

We're Looking Back at the Wrong Things From Last Year

It's time to evaluate the state of our union and the progress of our culture, but sometimes LGBT people aren't appreciating what's valuable.

Confident Obama Offers Alternative to Republicans

In his last State of the Union, the president promised to shake up the usual speechmaking.


State of the Union Mystery Solved: Who Invited Her?

Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio learned how his name was inexorably linked to the antigay Kentucky clerk the absolutely worst way: a reporter told him.

GOP Goof: Gay Journalist's Pic in Snapchat Promo

Louis Virtel is not pleased that his image turned up on a website promoting Republicans' Snapchat coverage of the State of the Union. 

NOM Decries 'Extermination of True Marriage'

Marriage equality plaintiff Jim Obergefell's attendance at the State of the Union address is a slap in the face to 50 million Americans whose votes against same-sex marriage were 'stolen by the Supreme Court,' says NOM. 

More Than a Heckler: Why I'm Fighting for Liberation

What advancing equality in 2016 means for the trans woman known for interrupting President Obama during a Pride reception last year.

We Remember: LGBT People Killed by Gun Violence in 2015

Each day about 30 victims in the U.S. die from gunfire, and LGBT people are certainly not exempt.

Stop Neglecting the True State of LGBT Refugees

LGBT people face mortal danger from ISIS and around the world, yet few ever obtain refuge in the U.S.

Kim Davis to Attend State of the Union

The anti-LGBT Family Research Council got seats for the Kentucky clerk and her lawyer Mat Staver.


Obergefell Among Obama's State of Union Guests

Ryan Reyes and Obergefell are two gay men who dedicated themselves to greater causes after losing the loves of their lives.

Op-ed: One Little Word Means the World

The word 'bisexual,' from President Obama's lips to America's ears.

Op-ed: The LGBT Significance of the State of the Union

Obama made a game-changing argument in his recent speech: that protecting the LGBT community furthers national security, says the deputy director of HRC Global.

State of the Union: These 3 Words Were Used For First Time

Three groups of people had never before been mentioned explicitly in a State of the Union address.

Op-ed: Will Obama's State of the Union Address Include Full Equality?

President Obama has an opportunity to do something bold for LGBT Americans. Will it happen?

Op-ed: That Time George W. Bush Helped Me Understand My Sexuality

The Bush administration's antigay actions propelled one woman into understanding herself.