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Nudists in the Castro save a tourist from a 'crazy pirate' by using a mean right hook

Two naked men in the famous gayborhood, save a tourist who was being attacked.

A lesbian couple was brutally beaten by group of men in Halifax. Police still haven't filed charges

Two LGBTQ+ women are seeking justice after a group of men violently assaulted them over the weekend.

A day and a night in Oslo

Reflecting on the beauty of Oslo Pride before a tragic shooting on this day in 2022, writer Braden Crooks explores the joy and connection found in queer spaces, rediscovering the power of kinship and finding resilience in the face of violence.

Trans woman assailed during Kanye West's Rolling Loud set beats back 'bullies' (exclusive)

Blu Linares recently told The Advocate about her reaction to the viral video of her assault, and the moments leading up to it.