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black history month

Black writers share their favorite books to honor Black History Month

Roxane Gay, Raquel Willis, and Dawnshaeé Reid open up about the importance of the Black literary legacy and impact of Black writers.

Reporter asks Ron DeSantis why he can affirm his height with lifts, but stands against gender-affirming care

A reporter asked the governor about the hypocrisy of his stance against gender-identity and access to gender-affirming care when he chooses to present himself as taller than he is.

What Claudine Gay’s resignation teaches us about Black leadership

Dr. Claudine Gay's resignation as Harvard's first Black president amid political and ideological pressures highlights the fragility of Black leadership in academia and the ongoing challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Florida School District Offers Refunds, Erasure of Yearbook's LGBTQ+ Content

They say it’s not about censorship, but what else could it be about?

Marsha P. Johnson Institute Celebrates Black Trans Lives

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute is dedicated to uplifting Black trans voices.

Dems Introduce Resolution to Celebrate Black LGBTQ+ Americans

As the end of Black History Month draws near, Democrats are continuing to give credit where credit is due.