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Read the latest news and reviews in The Advocate's gay art section. Enjoy exclusive previews of gay art openings, galleries, and shows that include exciting work from established and emerging LGBT artists. Portraits, photographs, pastels, oils, sculptures, statues, landscapes, and more are featured in the art section, which shows the latest creative contributions of the gay community. From nudes, to sketches, to photojournalism, The Advocate brings readers a virtual exhibition of surrealist, modernist, realist, and classical art that appeals to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities and beyond.

15 Sensual and Intimate Paintings of Male Relationships by Dani Torrent

The physicality of bodies has been a focus since his very first showings, Torrent says.

11 Homoerotic Ads, Covers From 20th Century Gay Artist J.C. Leyendecker

Leyendecker's queer aesthetic pre-dated both Norman Rockwell and Tom of Finland and helped shape modern America.

12 Photos Celebrating the Earth and the Male Form by Steven Menendez

The images are part of his "Earth Worship" series of portraits and landscapes.

Michelangelo's 'David' May Have Led to Florida Principal's Ouster

Hope Carrasquilla was forced to resign from a charter school after giving an art lesson that included the famous nude statue.

24 Photos of The Center Honoring HIV Awareness & NYC's Ballroom Scene

"Reflection, Celebration, Rejuvenation" was the theme for a World AIDS Day ball hosted by The Center in New York.

Queer and Disabled Lives Beautifully Intersected

This challenging exhibit explores a community often ignored in modern society.

How Artist Amy Sherald Queered History's Most Famous Kiss

Sherald has become a leading figure in contemporary American art, most widely recognized for a 2018 portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

30 Pieces from LGBTQ+ Artists at Superfine Art Fair in New York

The annual fair showcases art from more than 130 queer artists and artists of color from around the world.

Meet the Real Hot Gay Men of Athens
Out Traveler

Ana Jaks's Queer Illustrations Add Color to a Dark World

After a series of darkly-themed projects, Jaks, a queer illustrator, says she made the decision "to be as colorful and bright and fun as possible."

New Tom of Finland Sketchbook Goes Deep Into the Gay Artist's Process

Tom of Finland: An Imaginary Sketchbook includes the expected sex and skin but in a less polished form. 

Artist Jaime Hayde Illustrates the Happiness of Gay Love

Hayde’s work focuses on sharing diversity with the world — from diverse bodies to diverse love.

Iconic Andy Warhol Painting of Marilyn Monroe Sets Record at Auction

It's become the most expensive piece of art from the 20th century to be auctioned.

Don Bachardy on His 33-Year Love Affair With Christopher Isherwood

The artist talks about what it was like being an out gay couple in the 50s and 60s.

Memphis Removed Work of Tommy Kha, Gay Asian Artist, From Airport

The removal came after complaints over the nature of the artist's work. It has since been reinstalled.