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candace owens

Right-winger Candace Owens promotes 'terrifying' theory that France's first lady is trans

Brigitte Macron is not transgender, but if she were, Owens would obviously not be OK with it.

After Iowa shooting, Candace Owens says LGBTQ+ community is ‘sexual plague on our society’

The far-right media personality falsely associated the LGBTQ+ community, particularly transgender and nonbinary individuals, with a rise in violent incidents.

Candace Owens Uses Alleged Manifesto From Nashville Shooter to Be Transphobic

""We have to look evil in the face if we want to defeat it," the right-wing commentator says of the case, in which the shooter is said to have been transgender.

Watch Candace Owens Call Native Americans ‘High’ and ‘Cannibals’ While Denying Two-Spirit Existence

The far-right commentator dismisses the historical existence of transgender people while disparaging Native American culture.

Candace Owens Suspended Again by YouTube for Anti-LGBTQ+ Content

The far-right commentator's recent remarks include blaming gay men for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Candace Owens Takes Financial Hit Over Transphobic YouTube Videos

While her bigotry may be legal, Candace Owens learned it isn’t free.