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cold case

How America's most famous heiress got away with killing her gay confidant

Eduardo Tirella's career as a film set designer was cut short after he was run over by Doris Duke in 1966. But was it an accident?

Venus Xtravaganza Was Murdered on Christmas Day in 1988. Her Case Is Still Cold.

An aspiring model and drag queen, Xtravaganza was found dead before filming for “Paris is Burning” concluded.

25 Years Ago, Rita Hester Was Brutally Stabbed in Her Apartment. Her Family is Still Seeking Closure

Hester’s murder sparked Transgender Day of Remembrance and inspired community action in her hometown of Boston

45 Years Ago, Gay Activist Anthony Adams Was Murdered. Utah Police Are Still Missing Evidence

In this installment of The LGBTQ+ Cold Case Files, we explore how evidence that could have convicted a killer went missing.

Police Questioned a Prime Suspect in a Utah Gay Man’s Murder. Why Is the Case Still Cold?

Bruce Hughes admitted to threatening to kill Doug Coleman. But Salt Lake City police never made any arrests.

Nearly 30 Years Later, Lesbian Couple's Murder in National Park Remains Unsolved

Julianne "Julie" Williams and Laura "Lollie" Winans' killer is still unidentified after their 1996 slayings in Virginia's Shenandoah National Park.

LGBTQ+ Cold Case Files: What Really Happened to Marsha P. Johnson?

More than three decades after her murder, Johnson’s case remains unsolved.