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Lawmakers want to know why there are fewer LGBTQ+ homeowners than straight: 'Concerning disparities'

Twenty U.S. representatives are demanding to know about the homeownership "disparities" between LGBTQ+ people and their straight, cisgender peers.

Transgender rights are under attack not just in the U.S., but around the world: study

While recognition of gender identity has increased significantly in the past two decades, so has the criminalization of transgender people, a new study shows.

Many LGBTQ+ People Are Religious. Why Don’t We Have More Data About Them?

Faith and queerness are not exclusive. More data could help push back against hate while allowing LGBTQ+ people to tell more expansive stories about themselves.

Transgender Resource Hub Goes Live to Provide Factual Information on the Trans Experience

The Trans Data Library provides information on myriad topics related to transgender people’s lives.