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Megan Rapinoe shuts down period stigma, Republicans, and homophobic soccer players (exclusive)

Megan Rapinoe tells The Advocate about her campaign with Knix to end period stigma, and the state of LGBTQ+ acceptance in women's soccer.

Richard Grenell suggests Trump won't discriminate against gay Americans

Grenell's claims go against Trump's record.

JD Vance's horrendous record of homophobia and transphobia

Donald Trump's vice-presidential pick hasn't been a senator long — but he's been in the public eye long enough to accrue a strongly anti-LGBTQ+ record.

Hundreds of gay men evicted from Dallas hotel after AKA Sorority members complained about their attire

Cultures collided at the downtown Crowne Plaza that was hosting the Daddyland circuit party and a sorority convention, leaving one group on the street.

A lesbian couple was brutally beaten by group of men in Halifax. Police still haven't filed charges

Two LGBTQ+ women are seeking justice after a group of men violently assaulted them over the weekend.

Colorado Republican who called LGBTQ+ people 'godless groomers' loses his primary​

Dave Williams, chair of the Colorado GOP, lost his primary after a campaign email and tweet calling to "burn all Pride flags."

Christian Reformed churches leave denomination in droves after anti-LGBTQ+ vote

The Christian Reformed Church in North America voted last week to hand down a “limited suspension" to institutions that publicly embrace the queer community.

Adam Lambert tells homophobes to 'Get over it. Mind your own business' (exclusive)

The global music superstar has new EDM songs and a new EP coming out, that is at once dramatic and dreamy — perfect for the Pride season.

Republicans call for Colorado GOP chair to resign after abhorrent Pride Month email

"The time has come for us to say we have had enough," the Jefferson County GOP said in a statement.

This Gay Republican keeps making excuses for the Colorado GOP’s homophobia

The head of Colorado's Log Cabin Republicans, Valdamar Archuleta, is defending the GOP chair who sent a campaign email calling LGBTQ+ people "godless groomers."

Pope Francis apologizes for using homophobic slur during debate about gay priests

The Pope is apologizing for invoking a vulgar Italian term about gay men in a recent closed-door debate about LGBTQ+ priests.

Drag Queen Story Hour U.K. founder suffers antigay attack after proposing to boyfriend

Sebastian Samuel and his boyfriend were assaulted just a few hours after they became engaged.

UFC star Bryce Mitchell will homeschool his son so he doesn't 'end up turning gay'

The featherweight went on an unprompted rant against everything from vaccines and LGBTQ+ people to Edgar Allen Poe.

Mark Robinson, North Carolina antigay governor hopeful, condemned public spending while benefiting from it

He has denounced government assistance programs as a “plantation of welfare and victimhood” while his family's company has made money from administering one.

NFL rejects Harrison Butker's transphobic, sexist graduation speech remarks

The league's chief diversity officer said Butker's views do not represent the organization.

Don't be 'weak and gay,' Missouri Republican candidate says in campaign video

Secretary of state hopeful Valentina Gomez was already infamous for a video showing her burning LGBTQ-themed books.

A gay designer was attacked at a California fashion show in 2019. His assailant was just sentenced

After years of legal proceedings, justice is served in the high-profile hate crime assault on fashion designer Pol’ Atteu.

Parent arrested as Ryan Walters called 'bully and bigot' at Oklahoma meeting

The Oklahoma superintendent of public instruction has enraged many with his anti-LGBTQ+ stances.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Republican Kristi Noem brags about killing dog and goat in her new book

Will this kill the South Dakota governor's hopes for becoming Donald Trump's vice-presidential pick?