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Nigerian director on his queer film and the lynching of a gay friend

"I was so touched about what happened to my friend and it made me become aware," says Babatunde Apalowo.

Ukrainian veterans protest after church withdrawals gay soldier's medal

“We thank the soldier for his military merits, but we do not share his sinful preferences and LGBT agitation,” the Orthodox Church said in canceling the medal to Viktor Pylypenko.

This gay dad is standing up to conservatives after one host called him a 'pervert homo' (exclusive)

José Rolón, known as @nycgaydad on social media, is speaking out after a "D-list Tucker Carlson" accused him of sexcrimes without evidence.

Black LGBTQ+ candidates still face bigotry  — here's how they're fighting it

A new Victory Institute report details the racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other obstacles Black LGBTQ+ people encounter in politics.

Justice Samuel Alito wishes homophobia was acceptable

The conservative Supreme Court justice thought jurors who were dismissed for their antigay religious beliefs were treated unfairly.

What it means for LGBTQ+ Americans to leave — or choose — Christianity

Almost two-thirds of LGBTQ+ people who were raised Christian have left, new data finds. But queer Black Americans have more to leave behind.

Polish state TV host: Our anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric was shameful

With Poland under a new, more liberal government, TV host Wojciech Szeląg is apologizing for years of spreading homophobia.

Florida sugar scion allegedly beat woman because the two were seated next to a gay couple

And it’s not the first time Alexander Nicholas Fanjul has been arrested after ruining dinner and throwing punches, according to media reports.

Speaker Mike Johnson's long history with anti-LGBTQ+ Family Research Council extremist exposed (exclusive)

They've been partners in homophobia for decades, and Johnson recently appeared at a hate-filled "prayer" event cofounded by Perkins, according to a new report.

Pastor refuses to 'repent' after network drops him for giving advice on a queer wedding

And no, the pastor wasn't even supportive of the wedding.

A small-town cafe said it would use a queer magazine as 'kindling.' The community hit back

The publisher of SUS magazine and several community members are speaking out after a hateful incident at a Sisters Coffee Company cafe.

Philadelphia Democrat under fire for anti-LGBTQ+ comments in race against gay incumbent

Democrat Lewis Nash Sr. faces backlash for controversial comments on LGBTQ+ issues in the election against out state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta.

Ohio man sentenced to 18 years in prison after firebombing church for hosting drag events

Aimenn D. Penny admitted to attacking the Community Church of Chesterland on March 25 using homemade Molotov cocktails, citing anger at two upcoming drag events.

Oregon’s newest Republican lawmaker says LGBTQ+ support is akin to child abuse

Dwayne Yunker, the newest member of Oregon's House of Representatives, said he isn’t afraid to be called a "Christian Nationalist" or "homophonic" (sic).

Missouri Republicans add trans bathroom ban to 'parents' rights' education bill

"It is a statewide issue that your biological sex matches which locker room and which restroom you're going into," said Republican Sen. Nick Schroer.

A lesbian couple was unwelcomed by their wedding venue. Now, they've been gifted one for free

Ali Waggy and Jessica Robinson have been gifted a wedding venue for free after being told the venue they had didn't approve of their relationship.

Chasten Buttigieg slams Florida Republican's comments about Pete's parental leave as homophobic (exclusive)

U.S. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has proposed a law supporting parental leave for lawmakers. On Friday, she called out U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for being able to taking parental leave.

Wyoming school principal axes antibullying play over gay character

“[The principal] just took it as, there’s a gay person [so it’s] promoting gayness, but that’s not even how that works. People don’t become gay from watching a show,” the sister of the school's drama teacher said.

285 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced in state legislatures already this year and it's still January

This follows a year in which more than 550 were introduced and more than 80 passed into law.

Homophobia causes 'crisis of morale' in Montana school system

The controversy in Frenchtown started when parents wanted to remove their kids from the classroom of a teacher who's in a same-sex marriage.