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mike johnson

Target's poor Pride Month decision proves companies can’t have it both ways

As brands launch Pride initiatives, let Target be an example of what not to do.

Mike Johnson flies same Christian nationalist flag outside his office that Samuel Alito flew at vacation home

The Louisiana Republican says a flag used by the January 6 insurrectionists is harmless.

Watch Randy Rainbow channel Dolly Parton to lampoon Trump in 'Forty-Five!'

Rainbow's parody of "9 to 5" takes down this "slimy little cretin" and his minions.

Mike Johnson supported right-wing Target boycott over LGBTQ+ merchandise

The far-right lawmaker was outraged about the ‘woke’ ideology of inclusivity during Pride Month last year.

Mike Johnson shows up outside the courtroom of Trump’s hush money trial because the Democrats let it happen

Johnson popped up at Trump's trial this week in support of the former president. Were Democrats wrong to help him stay in the speakership earlier this month?

Marjorie Taylor Greene finally did it: She triggered motion to end Mike Johnson’s run as Speaker of the House

The Georgia Republican triggered a privileged motion to vacate the office of Speaker of the House on Wednesday afternoon.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has sunk so low even Fox News can't stand her anymore

Fox News recently published a scathing opinion piece slamming Greene's “bombastic self-serving showmanship and drama queen energy.”

Mike Johnson briefed right-wing influencers including Libs of TikTok ahead of election bill announcement

House Speaker Mike Johnson provided details to conservative social media figures before the public announcement, raising concerns about transparency and the influence of digital creators in politics.

Raphael Warnock slams Mike Johnson as ‘opposite of Christian’ after Trans Visibility Day uproar

"This is just one more instance of folks who do not know how to lead us trying to divide us," the Georgia Democrat recently said.

Karine Jean-Pierre slams right-wing misinformation on Trans Day of Visibility

No, President Biden wasn't disrespecting Easter in proclaiming Sunday TDOV, the out press secretary said — they just happened to fall on the same date.

White House calls Republican spending bill’s ban on the Pride flag ‘inappropriate’

After backlash over a spending bill provision banning Pride flags at U.S. embassies, the Biden-Harris administration is emphasizing its dedication to LGBTQ+ advocacy and outlining efforts to mitigate the impact of the law.

House Republicans are 'obsessed' with attacking LGBTQ+ people, say Democratic lawmakers

GOP lawmakers should lay off the assault on LGBTQ+ rights, the Congressional Equality Caucus says in a new report.

Speaker Mike Johnson's long history with anti-LGBTQ+ Family Research Council extremist exposed (exclusive)

They've been partners in homophobia for decades, and Johnson recently appeared at a hate-filled "prayer" event cofounded by Perkins, according to a new report.

Requiem for the Anti-LGBTQ+ Career of Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy leaves Congress after racking up a long history of hostility to the LGBTQ+ community.

John Oliver Flames 'Anti-LGBT Bigot' Mike Johnson For 'Unsettling' Accountability App

The comedian called Johnson "an anti-LGBT bigot who believes in more accountability for his son's search engine history than for the people who tried to overthrow the government."

More of Speaker Mike Johnson’s Extreme Anti-LGBTQ+ Past and Extremist Ties Is Exposed

One previous client of Johnson's was even reportedly recorded endorsing violence against LGBTQ+ people and abortion providers.

Mike Johnson Laments the Number of Queer Kids in GOP Fundraising Email

Johnson had made a similar statement in an interview with a right-wing activist shortly before he became House speaker.

Speaker Mike Johnson Wrote Foreword to Homophobic, Pizzagate-Promoting Book

The Revivalist Manifesto is full of conspiracy theories and includes homophobic references to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Watch George Santos Be Defiant and Dramatic as He Faces Another House Expulsion Vote

Santos took to the House floor Tuesday to argue his case against being expelled from Congress. A vote on Friday will decide his legislative fate.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Mad That Fellow Republicans Might Expel Her Friend George Santos

The Georgia Republican anti-LGBTQ+ lawmaker expressed frustration over GOP leadership’s handling of the gay embattled New York congressman, contrasting it with stalled impeachment efforts.