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New York Times continues to fail on trans issues one year after demands made

It's the anniversary of when a coalition called for an end to the paper's misleading coverage.

Elon Musk demands users stop ‘deadnaming’ Twitter after Stephen King trolls the billionaire

In a recent clash on social media, Elon Musk accused Stephen King of ‘deadnaming’ the platform formerly known as Twitter, now X.


Readers deserve better than misinformation about trans care; a response to Pamela Paul

In a recent response to our articles criticizing misinformation in Pamela Paul's article on detransitioners, Pamela Paul dismisses transgender people and trans activist. Evan Urquhart and Erin Reed respond.

Taylor Swift’s team disturbed by NYT op-ed speculating on her sexuality: ‘Invasive, untrue and inappropriate’

A New York Times editor suggested in the piece that Swift had, perhaps, for years been trying to signal that she identifies with the queer community.

Banner Announces 10K New Signers to Critique of N.Y. Times' Trans Coverage

More than 10,000 people from all 50 states have joined a GLAAD-led coalition calling on the Times to do better.

New York Times Decries Contributors Protesting Its Trans Coverage

Executive Editor Joe Kahn wrote in a staff memo that the paper wouldn't tolerate contributors who joined with adovacy groups to condem the organization.

J.K. Rowling Is No Transphobe, New York Times Columnist Writes

The column by Pamela Paul was published the day after activists and Times writers called the paper out for anti-trans bias.