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star wars

Katy O'Brian realized her sexuality thanks to seafood: ‘More into this shellfish than I am into this guy'

The out Star Wars and Marvel actor recently opened up about a date she went on where she found her mussels more appealing than the man she was with.

Ella Kane and Lando Calrissian and Amilyn Holdo queer Star Wars

10 times 'Star Wars' was queer AF

These LGBTQ+ characters and plot lines made our queer hearts happy!

24 LGBTQ+ movies & TV shows to watch in June

Pride month is here, and baby it shows!

Pedro Pascal encouraged intolerant Gina Carano to say 'trans rights' before she was fired

Pedro Pascal encouraged his colleague to show support for transgender people after she made several insensitive social media posts.

25 LGBTQ+ Movies & TV Shows You Might Have Missed in November

Saltburn, Rustin, Nyad, Rap Sh!t, and new Selling Sunset all premiered this month. Here's the queer entertainment you need to get caught up on.

Gay Ex-Adult Film Star Antonio Moreno Elected Mayor of Small Town

Moreno ran for the Partido Popular (PP) political party, which leans conservative.

Pedro Pascal is the Ally of the Moment: Photos

The outspoken ally of the transgender community specifically and the LGBTQ+ community broadly is having a banner year.