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Title IX

The latest news about Title IX, a portion of the Education Amendment of 1972 that includes language prohibiting discrimination based on sex. Since Title IX was passed, millions of female athletes have participated in sports programs in high school and college, while the college graduation rate for women has increased by 40%. Critics argue that it is the greatest piece of legislation to support women's rights since women's suffrage. A 2012 case determined Title IX's prohibition of discrimination on sex extends to gender identity, and therefore protects transgender people.

Texas professors use anti-trans slurs and call nonbinary students 'delusional' in Title IX lawsuit

Two University of Texas professors are suing the Biden Administration for including transgender students in anti-discrimination policies.

GOP Lawmaker Demands Tennessee Colleges Remove LGBTQ+ Protections

Republican state lawmaker John Ragan is known for his anti-LGBTQ+ views.

Education Sec. Cardona: We Stand With LGBTQ+ Students

The nation's head of education wants queer youth to know he's in their corner.

Girls' Sports Get 'Grossly Unequal Treatment' in Hawaii, Lawsuit Says

The ACLU of Hawaii says the state is violating federal law against sex discrimination in education.

Texas School District Faces Two Lawsuits Over Sexual Assault

In the latest suit, a student claims he was repeatedly assaulted by basketball teammates and staff members took no action.

These 102 Colleges Are the "Absolute Worst"

If you're LGBT and pursuing higher education, you'll want to avoid the 102 unfriendly schools listed on Campus Pride's first Shame List.

Federal Judge Blocks "Bathroom Bill" for UNC Students, Faculty

The injunction applies only to the transgender students and faculty who filed suit, but the university had already announced it would not enforce the transphobic bathroom provisions of House Bill 2.

Federal Judge Sides With Texas, Blocks Obama's Trans Student Guidance

The ruling takes issue with how the Obama administration drafted its guidance, and it adheres strongly to a strictly binary understanding of gender. 


Feds: Texas Can't Sue Over Unenforced Trans Guidelines

Texas and 11 other states jumped the gun when they sued the federal government over trans-inclusive guidelines for public schools, the Obama administration argued in court today. 

Supreme Court Halts Trans Student's Bathroom Access (For Now)

Wednesday's stay issued by the Supreme Court means that Gavin Grimm, a transgender high school student in Virginia, cannot use the boys' bathroom at school.


Prepare for Supreme Showdown Over Trans Student Rights

A Virginia school board must let a trans student use the boys' restroom, even as the district appeals the issue to the nation's highest court.


Texas AG Doesn't Understand It's Illegal to Out Trans Students

Ken Paxton argues that parents have a right to know if their child may be transgender.

Obama: Defending Trans Rights Means Changing Hearts, Not Laws

Struggling to understand what bathroom transgender people should use? President Obama has a simple test: Imagine your child was trans and needed to go potty at school. 


Federal Court Upholds Ruling Affirming Trans Student’s Equal Access

Not a single judge in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals wanted to reconsider a ruling that declared 16-year-old Gavin Grimm should be allowed to use the boys' bathroom at his Virginia high school. 

A Thank-You Note to a Revolutionary 'Student'

Attorney Asaf Orr (pictured) pens an open letter to his former client — the student who filed the first trans-related lawsuit alleging a violation of Title IX.

How Okla. Will Use 'Religious Freedom' to Bully Trans Kids

Oklahoma Republicans want to impeach President Obama for protecting trans students. But first they want to make sure no God-fearing Christian student is forced to share a bathroom with a trans classmate. 

Illinois Families Sue Over Trans-Inclusive School Policies

The families, represented by right-wing attorneys, claim the federal government's policies on trans students amount to "discrimination" against cisgender students.

Students Demand Christian Colleges Uphold Title IX

Activists are demanding that California's Biola University and Oklahoma Baptist University withdraw waivers the schools requested to ignore Title IX protections against sex-based discrimination. 

No One's Happy With Nebraska's Transphobic Student Policy

Transgender students in Nebraska must now obtain approval from their school and a separate committee of doctors and psychiatrists to participate in activities that correspond with their true gender. 

HRC: This University Prez is 'Despicable'

Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Everett Piper says he's 'proud' to discriminate against transgender students.