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How Do I Tell My Kids I Have HIV?

Finding out you're positive is tough; figuring out how to tell your children is even harder. A noted child therapist talks to several experts about doing it right.

HIV 101: Does Being HIV-positive Mean I Also Have AIDS?

No, but that's one of the most frequent assumtions people make.

HIV 101: Can I Transmit HIV Through Oral Sex?

There's a lot of misconceptions around the risks of oral sex. Here's what you need to know

HIV 101: Do I Need to Tell My Dentist I’m HIV-Positive?

It's hard to disclose, even to doctors.

HIV 101: How Do I Tell My Kids I Have HIV?

The big question every parent faces.

HIV 101: What Is a Serodiscordant Couple?

Some call them mixed, magnetic, or serodiscordant, but it means the same thing.

HIV 101: Will Being HIV-Positive Affect My Ability to Have Surgery?

When you're HIV-positive you may worry about having surgery -- but do you need to be concerned?

HIV 101: He's Positive, I'm Not — How Do We Deal?

When you're HIV-positive and your partner is not, you worry about giving them the virus; but there's good news.

HIV 101: Who Is At Higher Risk of HIV Infection?

Who has the highest risk of becoming HIV-positive? What activities have the highest risk of HIV transmission?

HIV 101: Can I Still Have Kids If I’m HIV-Positive?

One of the most common questions from those who learn they are HIV-positive is whether they can still have kids. Here's what you need to know. 

HIV 101: What Will Change Now That I’m HIV-Positive?

It depends on what your habits are like before you knew you had HIV.

HIV 101: How Is HIV Transmitted?

Don't be afraid to ask this, as most people are unclear about it.

Can I Get HIV If I’m a Top?

Is it safer or is that a myth?

Millennials Could Cure HIV — If Only They Had the Resources

Our failure to invest in young researchers is undermining scientific innovation, including an end to AIDS.

U.N. Chief Honored by Elton John AIDS Foundation (Video)

"I'd like to remind others that LGBT people are just that. They are people."

PrEP Has Nothing to Do With Decline in Condom Use

The long-term decline in condom use predates PrEP and cannot be explained by it, serosorting, or treatment as prevention.

Sex With PrEP, Like Life, Is Never Without Risk

A second person contracted HIV while on PrEP. What does that mean for the thousands of people relying on the regimen to keep them safe?

How Implicit Bias Affects the Health of Black Gay Men

It's time to confront the very real inequities, writes Terrance Moore.

PrEP Is a Great Advance, But It's Far From a Cure-All

There are more than half a dozen sexually transmitted infections  -- aside from HIV  -- that are damaging gay and bi men.