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Comedian: I'd Kill a Woman If I Found Out She Was Trans


Comedian Lil Duval expressed disgust at the idea of trans women on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club radio show, saying if he unknowingly dated one, she would "die."

Discussing recent guest Janet Mock, Duval was egged on by Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne the God to discuss trans people. Duval, a little-known comic who found a modicum of fame a decade ago, was horrified at the prospect of having sex with a trans woman. Insinuating he'd be gay ― which he made seem like a plague ― if he had sex such a woman, Duval said she'd have to "die" for her deceit. 


Co-hosts on The Breakfast Club, a nationally syndicated radio show, erupted in peals of laughter at Duval's ignorance and cruelty. Trans women are often targets of violence, with a staggering high rate of rape and murder. At least 14 trans women have been murdered this year.

Fury broke out on social media over Duval's comments and The Breakfast Club's condoning of them. At this weekend's Politicon convention in Los Angeles, trans activist and editor Ashlee Marie Preston angrily confronted Charlamagne.



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