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Trans Masc Influencers Discuss Being the Representation

Where are the trans guys on YouTube and Insta? We found 'em.

A quick internet search shows the surpisingly disproportionate number of trans women represented in film and television as compared to trans men. Because of the very few portrayals of trans men in media, many trans men turn to YouTube and Instagram to find representation of themselves on screen.

The Advocate spoke with Mars Wright and Ryan Flores, two trans men with a significant following online, about transmasculine representation, or lack thereof. Between their YouTube and Instagram accounts, they have over 120,000 followers. With so few trans masculine portrayals in film and television, their online presence has become the representation for thousands of young trans people. In this interview, the two discuss what they want to see on screen, the importance of representation, and what it means for them to be trans role models for so many individuals.

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