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Trans Masc Influencers Discuss Being the Representation

Where are the trans guys on YouTube and Insta? We found 'em.

Connor Franta on 'Impossible' Dating App Standards

The YouTuber's new series, Loud & Clear, features a discussion on body image and dating apps. 

A Young Hasidic Man Leads a Gay Double Life in 'Black Hat'

This new film explores religion and queer identity through the experiences of a closeted Orthodox Jewish man. 

'The Most Dangerous Year' for Trans Lives Chronicled in New Doc

After marriage equality passed in 2015, anti-LGBTQ forces zeroed in on trans people and worked relentlessly to dehumanize them.

Was One of George Washington's Generals Intersex?

The newest episode of America's Hidden Stories delves into the mystery.

Trans Visibility Is Personified in 'America in Transition'

Creator Andre Perez discusses his new desperately-needed new docuseries.

Drag, Drugs and Death: Acclaimed Film 'Tucked'

The pull-on-your-heartstrings drag queen film we've all been waiting for.

Country Singer Cameron Hawthorn Comes Out Via His New Video

"Dancing in the Living Room"is Cameron Hawthorn's coming out message to his fans.

LGBTQ Drug Abuse Dissected in New Film

Class A sparks a conversation about alarming statistics rarely discussed.

Oscar-Nominated Doc Explores Internalized Racism

Black Sheep shows just how far someone will go to be accepted.

What Is Intersex? A Personal Explainer

Have questions about what it means to be intersex? Filmmaker and activist River Gallo has the answers.