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Patriarch Filaret is now hospitalized for the disease, which has killed 3,000 Ukrainians.

September 09 2020 5:59 PM

Some want to keep this European nation in the dark ages, but activists like Vitalina Koval push Ukraine toward change.

March 27 2019 3:56 AM

A Ukrainian mother was estranged from her gay son for eight years. Now she's helping other parents overcome homophobia.

December 21 2018 5:13 PM

More than 150 demonstrators tried to stop the LGBT celebration in Ukraine.

June 17 2018 3:02 PM

In Italy, Greece, Ukraine, China, and Brazil — people celebrate love and equality in their own ways. 

June 20 2017 5:23 PM

Kiev Pride takes place from June 9-18. During the opening ceremony, anti-LGBT protesters scuffled with police and burned a rainbow flag. 

June 17 2017 4:14 PM