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United Methodist Church

Because some churches are performing marriages for all parishioners and allowing LGBTQ+ people to serve as clergy members, one church is discussing leaving the conference.

October 27 2022 3:19 PM

Churches that support LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage would remain Methodist, while those opposed would form a new denomination.

January 03 2020 1:52 PM

An official church body in the state has rejected the idea of an apology, but some Methodists are going ahead with their own.

August 09 2019 2:11 PM

The church's Judicial Council OK'd the retention of bans on gay clergy and same-sex marriages.

April 29 2019 2:49 PM

While seeking to make faith communities LGBTQ-inclusive, we must also confront racism, misogyny, and other oppressive ideologies, writes Rev. M Barclay.

March 10 2019 7:00 AM

Andrew Ponder, active in the church since he was 14, on how the Methodist rejection of LGBTQ people stung him.

March 09 2019 12:30 PM

After the denomination's leadership embraced bigotry, LGBTQ Methodists find themselves at a crossroads.

March 06 2019 4:33 AM