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United Methodist Church

Louisiana Church May Split From Conference Over LGBTQ+ Stance

Because some churches are performing marriages for all parishioners and allowing LGBTQ+ people to serve as clergy members, one church is discussing leaving the conference.

United Methodists Release Plan to Split Over LGBTQ Issues

Churches that support LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage would remain Methodist, while those opposed would form a new denomination.

500-Plus Alabama Methodists Apologize for Church's Anti-LGBTQ Stances

An official church body in the state has rejected the idea of an apology, but some Methodists are going ahead with their own.

United Methodist Church Affirms Anti-LGBTQ Policies

The church's Judicial Council OK'd the retention of bans on gay clergy and same-sex marriages.

Methodist Vote Reminds Us to Fight All Forms of Oppression

While seeking to make faith communities LGBTQ-inclusive, we must also confront racism, misogyny, and other oppressive ideologies, writes Rev. M Barclay.

Methodist Leadership Doesn't Comprehend Gay People Can Be Spiritual

Andrew Ponder, active in the church since he was 14, on how the Methodist rejection of LGBTQ people stung him.

What’s a Non-United Methodist LGBTQ Person to Do?

After the denomination's leadership embraced bigotry, LGBTQ Methodists find themselves at a crossroads.

LGBTQ Methodists Reeling After Ban Upheld

Church leaders return from a conference with apologies, frustrations to air in 'more exclusionary' denomination.

United Methodist Church Rejects Bid to Soften LGBTQ Ban

Delegates at a conference turned down another opportunity to include LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriages.

Methodist Church Poised to Uphold LGBTQ Ban

The demonination appears on the brink of a schism.

Florida Church Offers Pro-LGBTQ Message to Counter Vandalism

The church refused to clean up the vandal's words and instead framed them with love.

Jeff Sessions's Immigration Policy Is Child Abuse, Say Methodists

More than 600 of Sessions's fellow United Methodists have signed a complaint accusing the attorney general of violating church law.

Methodist Bishops Back Choice on LGBT Clergy, Same-Sex Marriage

Bishops recommend that the church allow individual clergy members and regional bodies to decide on these policies.

Methodist Court: Consecration of Lesbian Bishop Violated Church Law

The Judicial Council's ruling on the United Methodist Church's first lesbian bishop highlights the church's division on LGBT issues.

Is Methodist Punt on LGBT Issues a Positive Move?

Some activists feel hopeful in light of a decision to set up a special commission to study issues of sexuality.

Church Accuses Choir Director of Holding ‘Coming-Out Party,’ Fires Him

The story of a Georgia choir director is a timely reminder of what's at stake at the United Methodist Church's General Conference, happening now.

LGBT Clergy to Methodist Church: 'God Called Us' Here

More than 100 clergy members have come out in a challenge to the church's anti-LGBT policies.

Michigan Pastor Sleeps Outdoors to Protest Church's Stance on LGBT Rights

A Methodist minister is sleeping outdoors in Michigan's bitter cold in a demonstration against his church elders' stance on LGBT people.

WATCH: Methodist Pastor Comes Out to Congregation

As the United Methodist Church prepares to debate whether to accept LGBT clergy and same-sex unions, a minister discloses her relationship with a woman.

Gay Man Proposes in Church, Congregation Goes Nuts

After Trevor Harper surprised his boyfriend with a marriage proposal at church, the congregation did something you likely wouldn't expect.