New Trans Voices: Hear From the Trans Poets Workshop NYC

Members of the Trans Poets Workshop NYC offer pieces from their diverse bodies of work.



Cat Fitzpatrick


‘sticky and sweet’


No money left.
I have no gifts,
except for this:

These words that fall
So easily
Out of my mouth.


The way you smell.
Never too much.
Instead of fate

I might believe
In this. Like milk,
Like earth, like grass.


Our lives are like
A little dance.
You step, I step

As if we both
Could hear some kind
Of silent noise.


Those games we play
Where you convince
Me things are true

That aren’t make me
So happy that
I don’t know what.


The summer heat
Keeps you inside
But I go out.

Don’t worry, love.
I still intend
To come back in.


I like it when
We take our clothes
Off and have sex.

I was afraid
But now I think
That it’s alright.


I do get lost
Inside my moods;
Get sad, get wild.

But if I find
Some constancy
It will be yours.


You concentrate
So hard on things.
It makes you sweet.

Even your rage
Fills my heart
With tenderness.


How can it be
That I always
Want more of you?

Are you holding
Something back?
Or is it me?


Our bodies are
We made ourselves

Into a pair.
The best we could
With what we had.


Please take my head
Into the place,
Beside your breasts,

Beneath your arm,
And hold me there
Until I move.


The way you love
Me is so good.
I know that you

Prefer it when
I am direct.
So here, I tried.

Cat Fitzpatrick convenes the Trans Poets Workshop NYC, teaches English Literature at Rutgers University-Newark, and is the poetry editor at Topside Press. She is responsible for the trans poetry zines At Least It’s Short and You Have Ripped Your Dick Off and has published work in venues like Asylum and Glitterwolf. Her twitter handle is @intermittentcat.