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Casting Trans Men as Predators Won't Stop Bathroom Bills ​

In the wake of North Carolina's bathroom bigotry, scaring opponents with images of trans men in women's rooms may not be the quick fix we need.

6 Ways to Combat Fatal Violence Against Trans Men

Considering how to frame conversations, engage with media, conduct research, and create safe space are all ways to begin the work of addressing the murders of trans men.

Making Sense Out of the Murders of Trans Men

While data on fatal violence against trans men is sparse, analyzing details about the last four known murders can illuminate where to begin in combating such crimes.

Two Arrested for Assaulting Lesbians at Six Flags Park

The young couple say a woman, joined by a friend, yelled homophobic slurs before punching and kicking one victim to the ground and pulling out a knife.

Living Trans, From Iran to New York City

Up-and-coming actress Pooya Mohseni tells The Advocate what it took to come out as trans at 37, offering a riveting tale of survival that took her from Iran to New York City.

Trans Murder Victim Number 11: Woman In Fresno

Local trans activists held a vigil Thursday night for K.c. Haggard, who was stabbed to death on the street in an altercation caught on a security camera.

Free at Last: Meagan Taylor Speaks

The black trans woman tells The Advocate about facing transphobia daily, her battle ahead, and the unusual part a county jail played in working toward justice.

Victim Number 10: Another Trans Woman Murdered

India Clarke was found beaten to death in a Tampa park. Who killed her remains a mystery.

N.Y. Gay Bar Accused of Transphobia After Ejecting Trans Woman

Billie Matthews says it was particularly disheartening to face alleged bias in an LGBT space, and was joined Monday by protesters calling for a boycott.

Ashley Diamond Allegedly Assaulted in Prison Again

Ashley Diamond, 36, has called the repeated rapes she's allegedly endured in men's prisons 'torture.' Despite her other legal victories, she's still not safe.


WATCH: Laverne Cox on Caitlyn Jenner: She's a 'Sweet Woman'

Before ever meeting, Cox and Jenner have publicly talked a lot about each other, in larger conversations about trans media representation.

#FreeMeaganTaylor Movement Grows for Jailed Trans Woman

As the #FreeMeaganTaylor movement takes off, activists say the prison system has thrown up roadblocks in bailing the 22-year-old out of a segregated Iowa jail cell.

Black Woman Claims Iowa Police Arrested Her for Being Trans

Meagan Taylor, 22, was arrested Monday after hotel staff wrongly accused her of prostitution. Now the county jail doesn't know where to house her.

WATCH: Black Lesbian Says N.Y. Cop Choked Her

Officer Salvator Aquino has come under police investigation, while the Brooklyn district attorney separately considers hate crime charges.

'19 Kids and Counting' Canceled by TLC

Nearly two months after Josh Duggar admitted to sexually abusing five girls as a teen, TLC has taken its most popular show off the air.

Caitlyn Jenner Haunted by Death of Trans Teens

The deaths of Mercedes Williamson, 17, and Sam Taub, 15, brought Jenner to tears and a question: How can we prevent more like them?

Scott Walker Walks Back Controversial Boy Scout Comments

Under fire from gay rights groups, Walker tried to distance himself from claims that he had implied gay men and youth are predatory.

Laverne Cox Schools Critics Disappointed in Kylie Jenner Response

The trans actress says she was taken by surprise Sunday when asked on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live to comment on white stars 'culturally appropriating' black culture.

Feline Meme #TrumpYourCat Wins The Internet

Cat lovers are teasing their pets' hair-dos in a joking social media homage to the real estate tycoon's "huh?"-worthy hairstyle.

Scott Turner Schofield Speaks Trans Truth to 30 Million

'If this was on prime time, people would be losing their minds,' says the soap star, who's showing audiences that trans people owe no one an explanation.