Must-have Manga

With so many genres to choose from, where’s a manga newbie to start? Here, a selection of exceptional manga to launch your obsession.



BEST SELLERGantz series (Dark Horse) Released this
summer in English for the first time, Gantz, written
and drawn by Hiroya Oku, quickly became one of the
most requested manga ever published by Dark Horse. The
story focuses on a posse of undead people who complete a
series of complicated missions.

CLASSICLone Wolf and Cub series(Dark Horse) Written by Kazuo Koike
with art by Goseki Kojima, Lone Wolf and Cub is an
archetypal samurai-vengeance story set in feudal Japan
that has influenced numerous Western comics creators.

ICONOCLASTAkira series (Dark Horse/Kodansha)
Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga is a postapocalyptic
cyberpunk saga whose intricate art raised the manga
bar forever more when it debuted in 1982.

RANDOMThe Manga Cookbook (Japanime) In this volume,
conceived by the “culinary institute” of
online manga instructor Manga University, manga
characters are used by illustrator Chihiro Hattori to
demonstrate Japanese recipes.

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