So Jackie Collins breaks yet another barrier, then?
Oh, absolutely, People are going to be jumping on this bandwagon. It’s exciting, because instead of a movie going direct to DVD because it just wasn’t good enough for the cinemas, we are making this directly for DVD. We don’t want it to go into the cinemas, and it’s going to be a really fabulous production.

And will you be going behind the camera for Paris Connections?
No, I’m just producing along with three other producers, and unfortunately I can’t be in Paris at this particular moment because I’m launching Poor Little Bitch Girl. [Laughs]

Before I let you go, I know you’re a big music fan, so I’ve got to ask who’s on your playlist at the moment.
The new Robin Thicke track with Jay-Z is fantastic. You’ve got to listen to that particular track. [Robin Thicke] is like the modern-day Barry White. I still always love Usher. Whatever he comes up with, I want to listen to. He’s so great.

I love Diddy. He’s got some great new tracks out there. And of course, the Black Eyed Peas — I’m crazy about them.

I very much like Mariah Carey. I think she’s fabulous. I love Norah Jones and Alicia Keys — those are two of my favorites. I’m dying for the new J. Lo, because I love J. Lo, and Marc Anthony, because I love Latin music. And Adam Lambert ... thank you very much! I love Adam Lambert! And you know, I kind of like the new John Mayer. I have eclectic taste.

Final question — with the Oscars a month away, who are you betting on to win?
Well, I loved George Clooney in Up in the Air. I thought he gave an incredibly nuanced performance. I thought he was great. For actress I’d say Gabourey Sidibe from Precious. And for movie I’d say Avatar and The Hurt Locker side by side. But my favorite performance of the year wasn’t in movies, it was on television, and that was Michael C. Hall on Dexter, the best show on TV.

Enough said. The Queen of Hollywood has spoken. Who am I to argue? Place your bets, folks.

Jackie Collins’s latest novel, Poor Little Bitch Girl, arrives on bookshelves everywhere February 9.

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