WATCH: Mormon Parents Learn to Accept Gay Son

A Mormon family changed direction after their son came out.

WATCH: Gay Senior Doc by PJ Raval

The young filmmaker discusses getting down with seniors for his latest documentary project

First Look: Naomi Watts, Robin Wright Get Into Bed With Each Other's Son

This mother-loving flick is all about trouble in paradise—with hot surfer sons.

10 Straight-Directed Films that Got Us Wrong

These movies depicted 'queer' experiences—but pissed off a whole lot of people in the process

10 Pride Pregame Movies on Netflix Instant

Prepare for the parties, pageantry, and parades with these queer flicks

Why The New Superman Is A Gay Allegory For Our Time

Man of Steel: A Gay Allegory For Our Time

Advocate editor and lifelong Superman fan Jase Peeples reveals why the Last Son of Krypton's latest reboot is a gay allegory for our time.

New Images: Lindsay Lohan & James Deen From 'The Canyons'

Another early peek at the infamous indie collab between director Paul Schrader and writer Bret Easton Ellis

Most Moving Doc of the Summer: Call Me Kuchu

Call Me Kuchu tackles gay persecution in Uganda.

5 Questions with Filmmaker Sean Robinson of 'Naked,' 'Puritans'

5 Questions with Filmmaker Sean Robinson of Naked, Puritans

The 28-year-old might just represent the next generation of filmmakers.

On Being Varla Jean Merman

On Being Varla Jean Merman

Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads premieres on Friday on Here TV.

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