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Federal judge rules that LGBTQ+ veterans can sue Pentagon over 'don’t ask, don’t tell' discharges

The wrongs committed by the Department of Defense against LGBTQ+ service members have yet to be fully addressed.

U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether transgender kids have a right to access gender-affirming care

The justices will hear arguments brought by the federal government against Tennessee’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors.

Talking ‘Does This Murder Make Me Look Gay?!’ podcast with Ted Malawer and Frankie Grande

The pair is involved in a new podcast that tells the queer story of a murder mystery.

Sarah McBride is poised to be the first transgender member of Congress. Here's how she feels about it

She discussed her historic candidacy with The Advocate and her promise to advocate for her constituents.

Most married same-sex couples worried about challenges to marriage equality: study

In the aftermath of recent Supreme Court decisions, same-sex couples are worried about their marriage rights.

Two years after Dobbs, the White House warns of Republican assaults on Americans' bodily autonomy

Democrats are reminding Americans that Republicans and the conservative U.S. Supreme Court stripped them of their previously held rights to reproductive access. Now other bodily autonomy rights could be next.

Appeals court maintains PrEP coverage under Obamacare in win for HIV prevention

A lower court had ruled that requiring PrEP coverage was akin to supporting homosexuality and, therefore, a violation of religious rights. However, advocates are concerned about further legal challenges that may appear.

Democrats commemorate LGBTQ+ rights movement with Stonewall Day resolutions (exclusive)

The resolutions recognize the legacy of the Stonewall Uprising, which ignited the push for equal rights for queer folks.


LGBTQ+ parents share the importance of reproductive technology access amid IVF challenges

This lesbian couple and gay man discuss the joy of parenthood in uncertain times.

Senate seeks formal apology for decades of LGBTQ+ discrimination in the federal government

For many years, members of the LGBTQ+ community who worked for the federal government faced persecution for their sexual orientation.

Ryan Walters is too much even for Republicans in Oklahoma

The far-right extremist superintendent of public instruction keeps racking up losses.

Texas doctor charged for leaking health records of transgender kids to far-right extremist

Eithan Haim allegedly stole private health records of transgender kids who weren’t his patients and gave their medical information to an anti-trans activist.


Club Q shooter sentenced to 55 life sentences plus 190 years in prison for federal hate crimes

Anderson Lee Aldrich pleaded guilty to and was sentenced for federal hate crimes and firearms charges for the mass shooting that left five people dead and around 20 injured.

Nancy Pelosi emotionally reflects on LGBTQ+ community at Library of Congress AIDS Quilt exhibit (exclusive)

The speaker emerita got choked up as she reviewed letters from families of people lost to AIDS.

Karine Jean-Pierre calls out Republican attacks on transgender Americans during Pride Month

The White House Press Secretary touted the Biden-Harris administration’s support for LGBTQ+ people as GOP-led states attack the community.

'Welcome to our annual convening of the gay Mafia': Equality PAC celebrates 10 years

The political fundraising organization promotes LGBTQ+ elected officials and held its annual gala last week. Here's what went down.

Police rule out terrorism in chemical agent release at Baltimore Pride Festival

On Saturday, revelers panicked after many couldn’t breathe and began to experience burning eyes after two groups got into a fight.

Watch Pete Buttigieg fight back happy tears discussing life with husband Chasten and twins

The U.S. Transportation secretary got choked up talking about his relationship with his husband as well as what it's like being a dad.