Mastering a Gay Ritual The Boozy Brunch

Mastering a Gay Ritual: The Boozy Brunch

Moving beyond Blood Marys and Irish coffee, a new book turns the weekend's daytime drinking tradition into an art form.

15 Drag Queen Cooking Shows That Are a Must See
August 07 2012 2:19 PM ET

WATCH: 15 Must-See Drag Queen Cooking Shows

From camp to Karaoke, drag usually just makes everything better. But does it translate to cooking shows?

White Castle Carls Jr Fast Food Companies Run By Right Wingers

White Castle, Carl's Jr: Fast Food Companies Run By Right Wingers

With all the debate raging around Chick-fil-A this month, LGBT activists and their allies are wondering if there are other fast food eateries that also offer up draconian anti-equality philosophies

How To Stick It to Chik-Fil-A

Chick Fil A Recipe All The Taste None of The Bigotry

How to Fill Those Chick-fil-A Cravings

A recipe for equality? Like many of you out there, Internet chef Hilah Johnson loves Chick-Fil-A's fried chicken sandwiches but not its antigay politics.

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