Queer-Casting the Next X-Men Movie

We pick 10 LGBT characters who are ready to make their big-screen debut in the upcoming X-Men sequel, plus the actors who could easily slip into their boots.



Characters: Hulkling and Wiccan
Yes, we know, Hulkling and Wiccan aren’t X-Men, and only Wiccan is a mutant, as he is the son of the Scarlet Witch. But since we’re dream-casting the X-Men we wanted to include these teenage boyfriends because, though still young, these two lovebirds are one of the more stable couples in the Marvel Universe. Hulkling is an alien hybrid, and the X-Men have always been welcoming to aliens from outer space, so it isn’t a stretch to have him hanging with the mutant crowd.

Dream Casting: Zac Efron and Dave Franco
Efron and Franco are still young enough to pull off being teenagers while also bringing those teen idol good looks. They’ve both easily ping-ponged back and forth between comedy and drama. Also, they pulled off a believable bromance/borderline love story in the recent comedy hit Neighbors. Give Efron the role of Hulkling and Franco the role of Wiccan and gay moviegoers can finally stop dreaming of a make-out session between these two.

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