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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer Is Here and Full of Queer Faces

Lana Wachowski returns to direct this sequel and adds Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff to the cast.

'Q-Force' Is an Essential Animated Queer Spy Series With Drag & Twinks

The Netflix series voiced by Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, and Patti Harrison also includes rainbow grenades and a Subaru spy mobile.

Molly Knox Ostertag Talks Queer YA Visibility in The Girl From the Sea

The graphic novel revels in a sweet queer girl relationship with a kiss early on. Catch a preview of it here. 

Gamer Raises $340K for Trans Youth During 'Donkey Kong' Twitch Stream

Twitch streamer Hbomberguy got assists from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cher, and Chelsea Manning.

Another LGBTQ Character Confirmed for 'Overwatch' Video Game

A canonical story reveals Soldier: 76 previously had a romantic relationship with a man.

Video Game Has Users Kill LGBTQ People à la Pulse

Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell became notorious during the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacists' rally. Now he wants gamers to kill LGBTQ people. 

Ruby Rose Deletes Twitter After Batwoman Blowback

The out actress deleted her account due to negative fan reaction.

LGBTQ Twitter Hates Ruby Rose As Batwoman

A queer woman was actually cast as a queer woman. But are we happy?

'The Advocates' Podcast: Jasika Nicole On LGBTQ Actors Playing Queer

Scandal and Fringe actress Jasika Nicole opens up about being out and getting passed over for queer roles. She also chats about balancing advocacy and anxiety. 

'The Advocates' Podcast Welcomes Wynonna Earp's Queer Couple Wayhaught

Wynonna Earp's Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell open up about the responsibility of representing lesbian and bisexual women on TV. 

Twitter Drags Fanboys Crying Over New She-Ra

When male fans lost it over the redesigned She-Ra, claiming she wasn't sexy enough, Twitter and the original creator came to the defense of the out showrunner.

Daniella Pineda Confirms Her 'Jurassic World' Character Was De-Gayed

Jurassic World is the latest in a string of blockbusters to cut out references to queer characters "for time." 

How Gaming Helped a Trans Woman Find Community

Cetine Dale, the cohost of the podcast Bit Different, recounts how video games provide a support network for the LGBT community.

Nancy Drew Gets the Queer Makeover We've Been Waiting For

The iconic girl detective is back with her sleuthing and feminism intact, along with a tomboy bestie who's proudly gay.

DC Continues to Open Doors for Women Behind and in Front of the Camera

DC has recently enlisted Cathy Yan and Ava DuVernay to direct superhero flicks while Marvel has yet to sign a single female director.  

We Ask Queer Nerds Who Their Favorite LGBT Character Is

At Clexacon 2018, a queer women's Comic Con at the Tropicana Las Vegas, we asked queer women who their fictional role models are.

Meet the Queer Crew Behind the New 'Stargate' Series

Mercedes Bryce Morgan, the queer director of Stargate Origins, discusses the franchise's first gay characters and a new masculinity within science fiction.

The Case for More Trans Toys

This trans woman tries to find her identity in her favorite action figures but only finds disappointment.