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The Stunning 'Blade Runner: Origins Vol. 1' Explores Trans Identity

This graphic novel showcases queer characters within the world of Replicants and those hunting them down in a futuristic Los Angeles.

Brandon Routh Belting? Legends of Tomorrow's Mixtape Has That and More

A new musical collection from DC's Legends of Tomorrow gives queer super-fans something to sing about.

Queer Comic Books Get the Attention They Deserve at the Lammys

Stories of sex, survival, and identity are up for awards on Tuesday.

Immigration, Gay Youth at Heart of GLAAD-Nominated 'The Magic Fish'

Trung Le Nguyen's acclaimed work emphasizes the heady job of raising queer children in a homophobic world.

New Anthology 'Be Gay, Do Comics' Vividly Depicts the Queer Experience

With works by Sasha Velour and Kendra Wells, Be Gay, Do Comics highlights the best LGBTQ+ graphic artists and writers.

Who's Making Jokes About Gay Sex? 'Matt & Dan' Are

SNL too macho and straight? Matt & Danis the indie gay aburdist sketch show you've been waiting for.

When Harley Quinn Met Her Drag Family

For International Drag Day, DC Comics shares a preview of the upcoming graphic novel, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass

Gay 'Iceman' Comic Introduces a Mutant Drag Queen

Meet Marvel's newest diva -- a queen who is anything but shady.

There's a New Way to Point and Laugh at the Trumps

Out choreographer Benji Schwimmer says The 1st Annual Trump Family Special is not fake news.

What’s So Queer About Supergirl Anyway?

Out writer Mariko Tamaki has created a heroine origin story that will resonate with any underdog.

The Gaga Dancer Who Became a Video Star in His Own Right

Get to know Mark Kanemura, the man behind the Pride video hit of 2018.

A Tiff With Joy Behar Proves Pence Is as Petty, Thin-Skinned as Trump

How the vice president and the religious right are using a joke to further divide America.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Snagglepuss Is Now a Sexy Gay Daddy

A comic book reimagining transforms a fey mountain lion into a brooding, closeted cat of the 1950s.  

Jeffrey Self Is Creating the Gay Characters He Wished He Had Growing Up

The Search Party actor is a burgeoning novelist and his new work, A Very, Very Bad Thing, offers up a protagonist that many queer kids will see themselves in.

Iceman Follows His New Boyfriend Across the Country

Marvel Comics' queer mutant makes a move for love.

Wonder Woman and the 'P' Word

The new Wonder Woman movie helped this gay dad end his ban on calling his daughter a "princess."

Marvel Comics’ Gay Iceman Cometh

Winter is here, thanks to out Iceman and his new solo series.

Supergirls, Hulks, and Dykes, Oh My!

Exploring the thoughtful and geeky mind behind rising comic book writer Mariko Tamaki.

Prepare for Your Next Obsession

Binge-worthy web series Self-Obsessed is a decidedly queer show ready to go mainstream.

Much Ado About LeFou

One dad's excitement for Beauty and the Beast's big gay moment.