Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Consider This Week

From new collections of music to moving documentaries, these crowdfunded LGBT projects are worthy of a gander.



Truth. Be. Told. is a new episodic TV series documenting the lives of “Queer Black Visionaries” from filmmaker Katina Parker and Executive Producers Carol Ann Shine and Jennifer MacArthur. 

The creative minds behind the series began a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo with plans to use the funds to cut the pilot episode, which will be used to set up a world premiere at OUTFest in July 2013. Though the project’s $10,000 goal wasn’t met, IndieGoGo’s flexible funding structure ensures the $3,970 raised by the campaign will help fund the endeavor. However, support for the series is still welcome and the following list of three additional crowdfunded LGBT projects are also worth a look.