Moore to Love

Mandy Moore returns with a crafty new album that proves some "Candy" can mature into more substance than sugar. On topics from her gay brother's pre-Prop. 8 marriage to those Britney comparisons, Mandy doesn't hold back.



Why did you title the album Amanda Leigh ? Is this a different side of you from the Mandy Moore everyone knows? No! Nope. I'm definitely content to stay Mandy. I've always been Mandy. To be quite honest, there wasn't like a huge, tremendous thought behind naming the record Amanda Leigh. It just felt like a straightforward, simple choice. And not because it's like the truth about who I am as an artist and that sort of excuse that people tend to give. It's my given name, and my friend Mike [Viola], who produced the record, called me that. It just reminded me of making this record.

Congratulations on your marriage to Ryan Adams! How are things going? Everything is great, thank you very much!

You come off as a totally genuine and sweet person -- and that's something to love about you. But if you had something vicious to say, what would it be, and would it be directed toward Courtney Love? Oh, no, no. I think I'm OK. [ Laughs ] That sort of stuff, when it gets brought to your attention, you just, you know, consider the source. You just take it with a grain of salt and move on about your day.

You've said of being married, "Wow, OK, this is really being an adult." [ Laughs ] That sounds like something I would say.

How would you feel if you hadn't gotten married? Would the relationship be any different? No, to be completely honest, it's not necessarily the state of mind. I guess it's more ... other people's perception of you that feels different. The relationship feels exactly the same as it did before. I don't know ... truly, it's just the idea. You know, when you're a kid? You think of the idea of being married -- that's truly being an adult. So when I took the step, it was the bizarre feeling of, "Wow, I guess I really am an adult." And for someone who's been living as an adult for quite a while, it's kind of a goofy feeling.

The song "Merrimack River" is named after a river in Massachusetts, which recognizes same-sex marriage, and New Hampshire, your home state -- one of the few states that offers full civil rights to same-sex couples. Are you surprised that California voted to deny these rights? Yes. Unbelievably surprised. And saddened. Unfortunately, I was still a Florida resident during the election because I grew up in Florida and I still spend a lot of time there. So I didn't get to vote as a California resident, which is a bummer. Although they had a similar vote on the Florida bill as well. I have to say I'm ... I'm still shocked that California voted against it. And in fact, my older brother and his boyfriend got married right before the election just in case things ended up going the way that they did, and I think my family was all the more disappointed that things went the way that they did with the decision.

Everyone I've talked to about you wants you back on Entourage. Seriously, every single person I know. Will you be back? I don't think so. I think because ... I broke many hearts. I probably wouldn't be asked back. I would go in a heartbeat because I had a lot of fun doing that show. But there's no plan to do that as of now.

I think everybody fell in love with you on that show. That's so sweet. That's very, very sweet. And funny, because I was playing some bizarre version of myself, although I wouldn't have made those decisions in regard to my love life. I thought I was very flippant. But I had no choice in the matter ... I mean, it's the way I was written. [ Laughs ] I would read the script and I was like da-a-amn! I'd break up with Vinnie to get back with my fiancé and then I'd break up with him to get back with Vinnie. It was all very convoluted, I thought, but you know, what are you gonna do.

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