Pop Star Activists Tackle LGBT Bullying With Videos



Singers Benni Cinkle and Holly Elle are the latest musicians to tackle bullying in the schools — each doing so with videos that feature LGBT youth.

Cinkle, you might recall, was the dancing friend from Rebecca Black’s massive viral hit video, “Friday.” After that video came out last March — picking up 180 million views along the way, an adorably awkward braces-sporting Cinkle was dubbed “that girl in pink” and summarily dissed by the likes of Perez Hilton and comic Daniel Tosh as well as hundreds of anonymous online bullies.

“They said I’m ugly, I’m fat, I can’t dance, and I should just go and hide because there’s no way I would ever make it,” Cinkle later told the Orange County Register. “They saw me for four seconds. They don’t know who I am. They’re just judging me for that dance.”

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