Going Mental for Marisa

In Fox's new drama Mental, Marisa Ramirez plays a lesbian doctor trying to keep the peace and navigate a long-distance relationship in a hospital full of patients gone mad.



Marisa Ramirez x 390

Did you do research on mental illness or mental hospitals for the show? To be honest with you, there have been places in my life where I've had to visit family and friends in mental wards of hospitals, and those are the kind of memories you can never erase and never forget ,so that's always something that was always in my head and an image I would always refer back to. As far as actual research for the show, we really didn't have much time because it was like "two weeks and you gotta leave." We did have an on-set doctor who would help with any sort of terms or anything we needed, and there's always the Internet.

Have you been hit on by women? Oh, I feel dumb now! I don't get hit on by women! I don't really go out. If I do go out, I go to dinner. [ Laughs ] I'm not that exciting, which sucks. I did frequent some gay bars ... I went to the Abbey [in West Hollywood] a few times and there was a moment when I was in the line for the bathroom and a woman looked at me and was like "What's you name?" kind of thing. [ Laughs ] It's never to the point where it's uncomfortable.

How did your husband feel about you playing a lesbian? He was really excited. He was really looking forward to some girl on girl action. Basically every job I get I'm making out with a different man, and I think for Nate -- that's my husband -- he gets a little tired of it. But he understands it's my job, it's what I do for a living, but I can imagine how his family would feel watching me with another man all the time. It's a little weird.

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