Make Him a Supermodel

Make Me a Supermodel 's construction worker-turned-model Jonathan Waud is vying for the grand prize on Bravo's hit model face-off -- and with any luck, he has it in the bag.




So you don't mind that a lot of men will be dreaming
about your pictures?

If a buyer is attracted to you, they will be attracted to the
product you're selling. I don't mind [


Any negatives to the business you've chosen?

In modeling you have to have a strong jaw; no glass jaws here.
In one day you can have someone tell you how wonderful and
beautiful you are and then someone else will tell you to get
out of modeling and go away. It's easy to take the praise, but
you can't take any of it too seriously. I'm lucky. As
long as you have a good support group, you should be able to
stay afloat. People have been writing to me and commenting on
my Facebook page about how they want to get into modeling but
they are too short or the wrong size or whatever, and I tell
them there are all kinds of modeling and you just have to find
your niche. All kinds of people like all kinds of different

So what's next for you?

Well, I want to travel more with my wife and [21-month-old]
son. Good modeling gigs afford you international travel with
your family. Then, I suppose, to use the show's exposure to
build my brand. Self-branding and then let the people come to
you. You know, then the cars and the houses, etc. [

] I just want to work and support my family doing what I

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