Hulk Hogan’s ‘Little Gay Sidekick’ Hits Vh1 

Celebreality series Brooke Knows Best throws emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard into tabloid scandal once again.



You always work with huge stars who seem to implode. Just
add Britney...

I’ve worked with her -- but not during her scandals.
All the rest… I’m the one who introduced
David Guest to Liza Minelli. That was my doing. Oops!
Everything that was going on with Michael Jackson was during
the 30th-Anniversary Special. Now the Hogans. Lou Perlman; I
was part of that whole thing. It’s just one
thing after another. I’m like, “Can’t I
get a gig where it’s not surrounded by all
that?” I’m hoping maybe I’m that

What’s it like being around the Hogan’s
nasty divorce?

There were some
really hard times, but they always turned around and
turned out good. Brooke’s parents have been having
problems for a little while, and it’s on
national television. All these other artists and
20-somethings turn to other things, but Brooke isn’t
one of those girls. She really is a strong girl.
She’s there three-times-a-week for her brother.
She’s on the phone with her mom. She's on the phone
with her dad. She’s trying to be with her
family, be the daughter and sister she is. At the same
time, she has a life too. She’s a 20-year-old girl
who just wants to live her own life, build a career,
be around friends.

In the first episode, Hulk Hogan -- who I’d never
imagine accepting gays – seemed to embrace you.

I’ve always been like his little gay sidekick.
He’s always been very accepting and a great
man. Like he said, he’s got a lot of gay
wrestler friends in the industry. You know he’s been
in the industry a long time, so you’d be
surprised someone like has been around it.

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