As someone who has seen and played it all, what do you think of how the Kish story line is being played out?
I think it’s sweet and very nice. I think it’s being handled unbelievably tastefully. We do not want to see out-and-out sex between anybody, straight or gay. When they do that between Blair and whatever man she is after, I go, "Oh, no, please. I don’t want to see that!" But I think this story is being handled tastefully. I was a little bit weirded out by Dorian deciding to marry her campaign manager, Amelia. Robin Strasser [Dorian] was weirded out by it a bit. But she said, “No. I am going to play it.” What you have to realize at the end of the day, it’s Dorian who will do anything for anything. She needs to get elected, and so she thinks, Yup. I’ll become gay. Then, of course, she turns right around afterward and goes, “OK, I am not gay!” Then she tries to run off with David. If they get together, that really depends on how free Tuc Watkins [David] is from Desperate Housewives. [Laughs] Amelia at one point acknowledges that she has a partner she has been with forever, and the whole thing was just to get Dorian elected and to bring up the issue of gay rights.

What did you think about how Dorian was sticking it to Viki by saying she was gay?
In one show Viki went over to her and said, “I can’t go to the final debate because my family is in crisis. Are you still going through with this?” She says, “Yes, and I am going to be the first openly gay mayor.” I yell at her and I say, “You know, Dorian, there are lots and lots of people out there who care about their civil rights, and not tossing them around like you do!”

So if Viki wins, will she actually make it to office?
Dorian has a fit and decided to hunt down who cast the deciding vote, and Markko is terrified because he thinks it’s him. Then something happens and everything changes, and I can’t tell you that.

This week all hell breaks loose for Viki and her family when they all end up in Napa, and Jared dies and Mitch is revealed to be behind the scheme! Does he want to pay back Viki?
Oddly enough, Roscoe Born [Mitch] has an interesting take on this. Mitch wants Viki. I don’t mean sexually. He wants to own her and the type of power and class she has, which is what Dorian wants. Dorian has always wanted to be Viki, because she wants what Viki represents, which is money, class, elegance, and brains. Mitch wants the same thing. His way of trying to get it is ... he raped Viki and wanted a child with her! And the only person who can really hurt him is Viki, if she turns him down, or if she is mean and horrible and rude to him. We had a really good scene when Mitch fell apart because Viki slapped him and told him he is a monster and disgusting and don’t ever touch her family, and that is what fuels him.

So the turn of events reveals shocking secrets for Viki’s husband, Charlie! And he is already a recovering alcoholic!

Viki’s real focus and aim is to take care of Charlie because when Jared dies, he falls apart completely. He thinks it his fault because of something he did years ago and Mitch knows. Mitch was blackmailing Jared about Charlie. Jared was covering for his father the whole time so Mitch would not reveal this secret. And when the reveal happens it looks as though it was Charlie’s fault. He was completely drunk at the time and has no memory of this whatsoever. Mitch knows everything, and I don’t know how that is. He has followers. [Laughs] Charlie is just destroyed, and you know where that is going to go ... to a very interesting place. Wait till the funeral!

Viki was shuffled into a double wedding with Charlie and Nora and Clint. It felt like they shunned the couple a bit. So it’s good they have new story coming.
I kind of wished they would have made a bit more out of that, but Viki has been married so many times before. Just replay an old wedding! [Laughs]

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