Op-ed: In Defense of 'Faking It'

Op-ed: In Defense of Faking It

MTV’s newest teen-targeted show could be seen as problematic, but that’s a surface-level reading at best.

Op-ed: Uh-Uh, Not So Fast, 'Faking It'

Op-ed: Uh-Uh, Not So Fast, Faking It

This show aims high for a post-gay message but falls short of really delivering it.

WATCH: John Oliver Celebrates Drag Diva's Eurovision Win

WATCH: John Oliver Celebrates Drag Diva's Eurovision Win

The host of Last Week Tonight skewered the Eurovision Song Contest performances of Russia and Ukraine while praising the victory of Austria’s drag performer Conchita Wurst.

Matt Bomer On Weight Loss, Montgomery Clift, Magic Mike & End of White Collar

The actor talks more about making The Normal Heart, the possibility of playing Montgomery Clift, and keeping his family’s life out of the media.

Modern Family Is Paying For All NYC Marriage Licenses Today

ABC’s throwing its most adorable publicity stunt of all time.

Orphan Black Recap: Rehab, Runaways, and the Best Hug Ever

Orphan Black Recap: Rehab, Runaways, and the Best Hug Ever

It's certainly a hard-knock life for the Orphans this week.

Benham Brothers: ‘We Love Homosexuals’

Benham Brothers: ‘We Love Homosexuals’

In a CNN interview, the twin real estate dealers expressed their love of gays and Muslims but maintained that HGTV was 'bullied' into canceling their reality show by 'an agenda that is seeking to silence men and women of faith.'

Drop Dead Diva Showrunner Josh Berman Says Goodbye, Trans Episode Among The Last

Drop Dead Diva Signs Off With Trans Episode

Drop Dead Diva uses one of its last episodes to focus on a story playing out right now: a trans kid who can't use the school restroom.

Antigay Benham Brothers Respond to Cancelation of HGTV Reality Show

Cancelled HGTV Hosts Claim They're Not Homophobic

Though video and radio interviews have surfaced about David and Jason Benham's antigay activism, the brothers insist people who say the twins hate gay people are 'either misinformed or lying.'

Silver Fox Vs. Platinum: Anderson Cooper Takes on Adam Levine

Since Adam Levine dyed his hair blonde, Anderson Cooper has been on the receiving end of some not always flattering comparisons.

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